TYEE TALES – The Magic Fishing Rod – Lee Gerhard

I should have seen the future when the first time we rowed the Tyee Pool in 1988, Darcy hooked a fish and I didn’t. Hers was undersized and she released it, after a tangle of lines with friends and foes alike.  Twenty-five years ago, there was a better chance of landing the required 30 pound Chinook than today. For ... More

TYEE TALES – Harry Thulin & Bill Clark Interview

Norm Lee hosted interview with Harry Thulin and Bill Clark about their 1978 60lb Tyee.  Harry Thulin was Tyeeman for the season. Tyee Club of BC aficionados will enjoy the reminiscing that occurs! Credit to: The Museum at Campbell River program – History on the Run and Norm Lee for providing this audio file. More

TYEE TALES – Rookie Luck – Ted Milbrant

My first year at Painter’s Lodge was in 1966.  I was one of three newly hired guides.  Each of us was given a Gibbs 8 spoon by legendary guide, Mike Rippingale, to use in the tyee pool.  I didn’t really know what a “tyee” was until it was explained to me. On August 8th, armed with ... my new, unproven spoon ... More

TYEE TALES – Pat Bergendahl and Ann Aikman

Tyee fishing with Ann Aikman. It is impossible to keep a Tyee a secret! My first and only Tyee was rowed by my next door neighbour, Ann Aikman. She never tells me how, what, where to fish. She says I know as much as she does. This comes from a woman who has caught however many with her famous family. We picked an ... More

TYEE TALES – Shara Berger

Keen on Tyee fishing. Have you been away for the summer? Another Tyee Fishing season will end at dark on September 15th. As I spend countless hours staring at my rod tip, I have ample opportunity to reflect on this amazing past time. In 1968 I had the privilege of coming to Campbell River and met a very keen, young ... More

TYEE TALES – Roanne Dunbar

The Bell It was the beginning of the 10th Anniversary of the Ladies Invitational Tournament - August 26, 1996. It was dark and quiet with an air of excitement surrounding an unusual group of women as they headed down the docks at April Point Lodge and into the boats to venture across Discovery Passage. This was ... More


A Salute To The One That Got Away By: Ken Enns On that drizzly, misty September day, R.D. Berger and I were surprised to find no other boats in the Tyee Pool. Time and tradition awaited us in that marvelous holding water just south of the mighty Campbell River’s mouth. And, we would have it all to ourselves. Sha... More


The Story of the 62 pound Tyee Caught on August 13th 1983 It was early morning and bright stars lit in the sky. Little did we know it would be a day to remember; a day that would make history. It was August 13th 1983. Barry, Tammy and I made our way in our rowboat towards the famous Tyee Pool, just south of where ... More

TYEE TALES – Mark Gage

This isn't really a fish story, rather a short memoir of time spent growing up in a fishing family. Our Dad instilled in all of his kids a keen interest in the ocean environment we still pursue in our thirties. Our Dad has always been serious about his fishing, and as a result we spent the better part of our ... More

TYLEE TALES – Lee Gerhard

A GUIDE NAMED PETER Peter Winter is a big ruddy man, sound, strong, with an easy-going manner born of years in the classroom with unruly kids and teachers, and a thick shock of white hair. He guides fishermen out of Campbell River, B. C., where silver (Coho), and king (chinook, spring) salmon usually abound. Occasion... More