Environmental – DFO Liason Committee

In the absence of a formal Tyee Club committee, several directors have been completing outstanding work by addressing environmental and fisheries-related concerns. Roger Gage has been attending Sports Fishing Advisory Committee meetings as a Tyee Club representative. Jeremy Maynard and Robin Modesto are actively responding to the evolving management strategies of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Once again Phil Griffith has organized the Annual Estuary Clean Up this year. And perhaps every Club member should personally thank Jeremy Maynard for his continuing efforts to organize the Chinook Net Pen Project which helps sustain our fishery. Jeremy’s valuable insights into the state of the Campbell/Quinsam Chinook stocks and their management by DFO are valued by numerous government and environmental organizations throughout the province.

Over the years the general membership has been instrumental in the gathering of fisheries data when they donate fish heads to DFO for research purposes. The 2019 season will see another opportunity for the Club to help supply information relating to the success of the large fish breeding program at Quinsam Hatchery. The Tyee Club has been invited to participate in a DNA sampling study of the fish we catch which will determine if any of the offspring of the specially paired brood stock has returned as Tyee. A simple clip of skin from the adipose fin of the fish we catch can help find out if there are better methods of fish husbandry that may be used at Quinsam Hatchery, and other facilities.

Considering these valuable projects and important initiatives are organized by individuals with the support of the board, it begs the question of how much more effective the Club could be if there was a formal committee for environmental and fisheries issues.