Current Clubhouse – Wharf – Maintenance Committee

The wharf and parking lot have become a year around the project. The wharf is somewhat maintenance free during the “winter months” but after winter storms it doesn’t hurt to check and make sure the wharves have weathered the winds without damage. To date, everything that mother nature has thrown at us has left our wharves without any ill effects.

During late spring or early summer, there is some growth on the wharves below the water line. This usually has been effectively taken off with a high-pressure sprayer. It’s during this time that the lights are all checked and made sure that they are operational.

We are then ready to receive boats on the pull-ups and in the water spots when the season begins. There is room for 58 rowboats when at full capacity. There is also a spot for a float plane to tie up on the southern most portion of our dock. This spot is rented by a local float plane company and for the foreseeable future, this will continue.

During the season as time goes by a great deal of seaweed floats up on to the pull-up portion of the dock. This adds hundreds of extra pounds of weight on to the wharf causing it to sit lower down in the water. Members are encouraged to take the time to throw/push, lift as much of this back into the water as possible. If necessary, a small work party can be called upon to do this later in August.

After the season is over and boats are removed, the sea weed that is remaining on the wharf must be raked and or high pressured off. As the wharves then sit higher in the water, they remain clean and debris free until the next season. Also, any growth that has accumulated below water level can be cleaned off again. Usually warmer temperatures during the summer promote this growth.

Parking lot

During the late spring prior to the beginning of our season, there is usually a day set aside for a large work party. A portion of the group does weed whacking around the perimeter of the parking lot. This includes the removal of broom and cutting of black berry bushes.

Historically we get loads of gravel brought in and have it spread with a machine (grader) every couple of years. This fills pot holes and ruts caused by normal wear and tear, although the last couple of years has seen a big increase in vandals spinning doughnuts and chewing up the gravel. Placement of rocks to try and deter this has not seemed to work. A cable gate may be used to attempt to keep these individuals out, at least during the night time.


A good deal of the clubhouse grounds and maintenance is done by our tenants and friends Bob and Judy Goodwin. However, on the day of the work party mentioned earlier, we attempt to clean off the beach immediately in front of the clubhouse. Usually, there is a large amount of debris that is left over from winter storms. Several people are needed for this undertaking. Power saws, pee vees, and wood splitters are in demand. Usually, we get our entire summers worth of firewood from this project. We wheelbarrow the split wood up to our wood shed and fill it up. Any excess is usually piled on the outside of the fence out of the way but close by for when we need it.

Also, any painting that may be required will be done on this day (weather permitting)

That takes up most of our needs prior to the season. The day before (July 14th) we make sure all lawn furniture is out and in place. All signs are put back up. Flags are flying. Fish cleaning station has its lights and water hooked up ready for that first Tyee!

This takes us through to the day after the closing of the club’s season (Sept. 16th). Everything has to be undone at this time; furniture put away, signs taken down, and articles put in storage. It’s easy to forget this day but it is important to get this work done as well. Assistance is much appreciated.

Tight Lines!