Wharf Committee

2023 Tyee Club Wharf Report

2023 Dock Waitlist and Moorage Sept 18, 2023


WHARF TENANCY POLICY                  Approved: May 2, 2023

1. Wharf spaces are assigned to tenants by and at the sole discretion of the Tyee Club of BC.

2. The application of this policy lies with the Tyee Club of BC, The Board of Directors, and the Bylaws of the Club.

3. Wharf tenants have no property rights and moorage is not transferrable outside conditions described in this policy.

4. A tenant must be an individual and a member in good standing.

5. Tenants must not modify or alter the wharf or space.

6. Wharf spaces are renewable annually.

7. Wharf tenancy and allocation will be fair and transparent.

8. The Club will maintain a waiting list for tenancy and the list shall be openly posted.

9. Persons on the wait list shall be removed from the list if they are unable to accept a tenancy offer when it is made. At any time, a person may voluntarily remove their name from the list.

10. Wharf fees are set by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed annually. Fees are payable to the Club by July 15th each year.

11. Failure to pay fees by August 1ST will result in moorage forfeiture for one year. To retain tenancy the following year the tenant must pay missed fees prior to June 1 of the following year, otherwise tenancy is permanently forfeited.

12. Tenants may voluntarily forgo one year tenancy. Two years of concurrent non-use results in permanent moorage forfeit. The tenant must notify the Board of Directors, via the Wharf Manager of the tenant’s request for one year grace on moorage by June 1st.

13. In the event of a temporary vacancy, the Wharf Manager may offer temporary moorage under this policy. Temporary moorage will not affect a persons place on the waiting list.

14. In the event of the death of a tenant, with the approval of the Board of Directors:

     a. Tenancy may transfer to an immediate family member for the one year, or

     b. Tenancy may transfer to an active member spouse or common law, or

     c. Tenancy may transfer to a direct lineage family member (eg son or daughter) that is an active member, or

     d. Tenancy may transferred in rare circumstances where 2 members have historically angled in the same tyee boat and where the deceased member was the named tenant, and

     e. Where wharf fees continued to be paid.

15. The annual fees for moorage is $275.00.

16. Due to restrictions within the lease and liability risks overnight parking or camping is not permitted in the Tyee Club Wharf Parking Area.

17. Solicitation on Tyee Club premises is prohibited.

18. It is the responsibility of the tenant and wharf list applicants to provide updated contact information to the Club.

19. Wharf space application forms will be made available on the website. Applicants must be aware of this policy.

20. Concerns or disputes with this policy or its application may be directed to the Board of Directors.