REST Committee

REST Committee

World class angling clubs…have in common a philosophy that recognizes the greater sense of achievement from catching a large fish under conditions that raise the skill level of the angler…Though materials in the manufacture of rods, lines, and boats have changed over the years, and any number of modern technologies have been devised to give fisherman a decisive advantage over the fish, The Tyee Club of British Columbia (Tyee Club) has stayed with its tradition, making skillful angling the essence of the sport. [1]

Welcome to the 2021 season! 

The Tyee Club is very excited and grateful to be able to start our 98th season with regulations allowing anglers in the CRSMZ  to retain 1 Tyee per day from July 15th to August 31st then 2 per day for the remainder of the season.We are hopeful that the data we collect each year will continue to prove we have a sustainable fishery, without impacting stocks of concern from other systems.

Last year the club had at least two very close calls involving rowboats motoring through the pool at dark nearly hitting other rowboats. The pool is closed to all motorized boats by the Canadian Shipping Act from July 15th to Sept 15th. Not only does motoring in the pool break this law, as well as Tyee Club rules and regulations, it is extremely unsafe and disrespectful to others. Rowboats must row either inside or outside the no motor boundary when done  fishing before lowering your motor. It is the responsibility of all to be familiar with these boundaries. Please pay attention in particular to the inside boundary. On very low tides there is not enough water to legally motor from the clubhouse to the river. Options are to row over the bar or row to the outer NE boundary to motor outside of the pool.You are responsible for your wake and need to keep a good line of sight over your bow. Ask the weigh-master for assistance if in doubt of any rules or regulations.

Please also be aware of floatplanes landing in the river mouth. The pilots have been very respectful of the pool of late and we can return this consideration by giving them room to land in the river mouth by staying to the sides and not using the middle of the channel.

The unauthorized motorboat traffic through the pool is on a downward trend but still remains high. We are asking the RCMP, Coast Guard, and DFO this year to monitor the pool more closely than in previous years. This we hope,will aid in our goal to reduce traffic through the pool. Their presence could include but not be limited to  checking for lights and other safety gear, compliance with licences and fishing gear (CRSMZ regulations), as well as monitoring the no motor zone. Ensure your boat and gear meet all regulatory requirements.

We will continue to address changes in technology and regulation, as well as educate and uphold etiquette and safety on the water, with the goal of preserving the traditions and values of the club put into place by our predecessors.


[1] Van Gorman Egan, Tyee: The History of the Tyee Club of British Columbia, 1988