Clubhouse 2023

Dear Tyee Club members and anglers,

The 2023 Tyee Club season sees the club enter its 100th year of existence. Fishing practices may have changed over the years but the traditional ways of fishing for large chinook in 1924 when the Tyee Club was founded have not. This is the allure that keeps long time members as well as anglers (non-members) returning to the fishing grounds off the mouth of the Campbell River every year in search of a chinook weighing 30 pounds or more.

The Tyee Club clubhouse has been a popular gathering place for many to have a coffee and tell stories, renew old friendships or for some, to sit quietly on the beach and watch the activity on the water. The Clubhouse was totally rebuilt in 2022 as the existing building needed upgrading after years of exposure to the weather in its exposed location. One addition to the clubhouse was the additional washroom that helped minimize congestion in the clubhouse and free up more living space.

Tyee Club trophies are on display at the clubhouse during the season. Many pictures from recent years as well as historic catches from decades ago that help showcase the history and personalities of the club are also present.

The public is welcome to visit the Clubhouse during the fishing season and get a feel for the history of the Tyee Club. If registering at the clubhouse, please use the window on the north side of the building.

Long time tenants of the clubhouse, Bob and Judy Goodwin, always have the grounds in meticulous condition with the lawn being lush and the gardens being full of a mix of vibrant colours.

The largest gathering of the year at the clubhouse is usually the last night of the season which is September 15. Raffle prize winners and a few small tables of donated tackle and merchandise are awarded to raffle winners. After the sun goes down and the evening tide is completed, Tyee Club winners for the just completed season are announced. The long time tradition of one ringing of the bell officially ends the fishing season.

Best of the luck to all during this 100th season of the Tyee Club.

Board of Directors
Tyee Club of British Columbia