Yearbook – Heritage Committee

The heritage of the Tyee Club is very much linked to the Club yearbook, and after 95 years the yearbook is overflowing.  A 2014 – 2019 yearbook will be ready for pick up at the Clubhouse on July 15th.  In order to print an affordable yearbook content changes were necessary.  After much deliberation, the Club roster will be removed from the yearbook resulting in a yearbook that is a compilation of unique and memorable yearly events, but still maintaining the Club traditions started long ago.

The Club roster will instead be posted on the Tyee Club website where it can be accessed at any time and from any location with internet access.

Beyond 2019, all future yearbooks leading up to our 100th anniversary will include an updated history of the Tyee Club in twenty-year installations written by our most gracious Club historian, Norm Lee.  A very special 100th Anniversary Edition of the yearbook will see the return of the entire Tyee Club roster.

An important initiative that has been given the approval of the Tyee Club is the co-operation of the Campbell River Museum with Jacob Salmen Hartley to digitize the entire catch record of the Club. Jacob is a graduate level Archeologist with the University of Victoria and has a significant interest in Chinook Salmon stocks and humankind’s use of the species as a resource. This project may take two years to complete, eventually allowing the Tyee Club to post the entire Club catch record on our website.

The effort to preserve Club heritage is also linked with efforts to build the new Clubhouse, where there will be space for display of our trophies, photos, various gifts, and artifacts, along with our historic and important documents. The new Clubhouse itself is a continuation of our proud history and one that will stand and represent the Tyee Club for many years to come.