President’s Letter / Report

June 2020

Hello fellow anglers,

I hope everyone has had a healthy off season and looking forward to another new season on the waters in search of the “big one”. The first 6 months of 2020 have definitely been full of noteworthy events around the world. I will share a few notes on what to expect this year for the 2020 Tyee Club season as there have been a few changes during the winter.


  • The COVID-19 virus has dramatically changed all of our lives in how we conduct our daily activities. The Tyee Club wants all of its anglers to respect Provincial Health guidelines when involved in club activities. Signs will be posted at the Tyee Club wharf and also at the Clubhouse regarding COVID-19.


  • Due to COVID-19, the clubhouse will be closed to the public. Payments for registration, wharf, apparel or raffle prize will be done by one of the following methods;
  1. Canada Post mail
  2. Locked drop box at the Clubhouse
  3. Payment at the Clubhouse at the window on the north side of the building.
  • To minimize the number of transactions, it would be appreciated if payment could be done in one transaction instead of multiple transactions.


  • The club made a determined effort last year to increase awareness for safety on the water as well ensuring the “motor boat free” zone was respected. The club will be communicating with commercial operators who frequent the waters of the Tyee Pool about the “motor boat free” zone. We also hope to have Coast Guard visit our wharf or the pool to help with water safety.


  • This year’s general meeting may be held at a different location to allow social distancing as the room at Painters Lodge will not permit that. More information will follow as we get closer to the meeting date.


  • Both events will not occur this year due to COVID-19.


  • The Tyee Club wharf parking lot will have material added to it before the season. This will eliminate the deep puddles that happen during rainy weather.
  • Wharf fees have increased $50 to account for ongoing maintenance to the wharf and parking lot. Season fee is now $250 for the Tyee Club wharf.
  • Initial design for the new clubhouse didn’t meet updated building code requirements due to planning for rising sea levels. Discussions are ongoing within the board and another building plan should be decided upon this summer.


  • George Deagle has generously donated his time to build a bamboo fishing rod for the year ends raffle prize. Tickets will be $20 each.
  • D. Berger has completed a Tyee Club fishing book that is full of information regarding the Club. He has generously donated a portion of every sale to go towards the new Clubhouse.


  • DFO regulations do not permit retention of any chinook up to July 14.

July 15-31     one chinook allowed daily with maximum size of 80cm fork length.

August 1–30            daily chinook limit is 1 per day

September 1-15     daily chinook limit is 2 per day



Roger Gage,

President Tyee Club of British Columbia