President’s Letter / Report

July 2019

In my previous report as President of your Club, I outlined a series of tasks that were required to set the stage for us to achieve the most important project the Club has undertaken in recent memory – the building of the new Clubhouse.

I am pleased to report that those steps have all been achieved.

Our Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette have been revised to reflect our commitment to protecting our traditions in the face of ever-evolving technology, as well as to adhere to current Federal and Provincial regulations.

We have published an updated Yearbook which will be available at the Clubhouse this season, and we have plans to publish an edition annually through the 100th anniversary of the Club.

A renewed and active relationship with the Museum at Campbell River has been initiated.

Collaboration with the Municipality of Campbell River and the Wei Wai Kum First Nation has begun in order to secure permitting and approvals for the construction of a new Clubhouse.

Most importantly, the Tyee Club website has been revised and updated to act as the communications hub for all it will take to build our new Clubhouse and to stand as a repository of all documents required to be archived by the BC Societies Act.

All this work leaves the Club free to pursue the fundraising and permitting stage of the new Clubhouse project. The fundraising aspect of the project will begin with the 2019 season and includes both in-house and external funding opportunities ranging from raffles at the Clubhouse, to a youth fishing opportunity fundraiser, to external grant applications.

The common threads these activities have are communication and volunteer effort. Regarding communication, that has been established on the website where members and anglers can keep up to date on the efforts of the board, offer feedback by emailing directly to the executive or committee chairs, and by signing up to volunteer your time or resources for the various projects the Club undertakes. I encourage every member and angler to begin regularly watching the website in the offseason for any calls for volunteers as new reports and sign up forms will be posted from time to time to achieve projects.

As I wrote in my previous report, it will take all of us volunteering what we have and when we can to build the new Clubhouse, and the guide to these needs will be found on the website. If you feel you have a donation or skill that can be put to good use by the Club please feel free to contact the member of the board you feel is most suited to field your offer of assistance.

As for the 2019 Tournament it is only fair to warn all participants to make sure to read the updated Rules, Regulations and Etiquette as found in 2014 – 2019 Yearbook, on the Tyee Club website, and the highlights of which will be provided in a short update sheet handed out at the Clubhouse with your registration. There have been notable changes to the rules and etiquette in particular that will impact our tactics and behavior on the water. Chief among these is disqualification of a Tyee if a rowboat motor through the rowboat only area while heading in to weigh a fish, and suggestions for more standardized boating practices for when the Tyee Pool is crowded with boats. Further, the Club has a need to update its membership list so that it complies with the new Societies Act which means that all members and anglers must fill out a member information form upon registration, an electronic version of the form can be found on the website for the members at large. Please give yourself a few extra minutes when you go to the Clubhouse to register so you can take the time to assist the Club in this very important initiative.

It has been an honor to serve as your President for this past year and I sincerely wish you all a safe and productive fishing season this year and every year. May your next tide reward you with a new personal best.



Randy Killoran
President, Tyee Club of British Columbia