President’s Letter / Report

December 2018

To begin my first report as the President of the Tyee Club I must wholeheartedly thank the outgoing president, executive, and board for their extraordinary efforts to bring the Club into compliance with the new BC Societies act, and guiding the Tyee Club onto the path towards a new Clubhouse. Updating the Club’s bylaws was an exceptionally taxing project that was performed thoroughly and admirably by Sharon Fisher and Robin Modesto in particular. This tedious but necessary project has set the stage for the Tyee Club to begin to find its way into its second century of existence.
Just as importantly, the outgoing board began the much-needed task of moving the Tyee Club into a new Clubhouse. This project will define the efforts of the new executive and board for the foreseeable future. Moreover, it will enshrine the Tyee Club firmly in the community of Campbell River as the legacy of the Club embodies itself in the new Clubhouse.
The job of fundraising and building the new Clubhouse is a grand task that will require a committed effort by not only the board and executive but the membership as well. Indeed, it will take all of us to achieve this worthy and vital undertaking.
In order to succeed in this project, the Club will need open lines of communication in order to keep the membership informed, as well as provide a place for the membership to be involved. To that end, it is a priority of the board of directors to explore options on how to update the Tyee Club website so that our members can be kept informed regarding the business of the Club and to provide space for the members to share their opinions and to volunteer their skills to this project. The board expects that the Club website will see changes before the 2019 tournament and I encourage the membership to begin watching for these improvements as they become available. The website will no longer simply be a place to look at the catch record; it will be a communications platform for the membership to be involved in the business of the Tyee Club, and a place for members and anglers to find ways to lend their individual support.

As the Tyee Club approaches its 100th anniversary it becomes more and more apparent how much a part of the community of Campbell River the Tyee Club is, and the historic role it has played and continues to play, not only in Campbell River but in the sports fishing history of the Province. This is a legacy that must be appreciated, promoted, and not forgotten, and it will be the task of the board to create this social recognition in order to complement the physical space of our new Clubhouse.

To accomplish this will require a great effort that will begin with the reinstatement of an annual Tyee Club Yearbook, a serious inquiry into our rules and regulations including finding a way to better incorporate catch and release angling into the Club tournament, promoting a notable social network presence, and building stronger ties with the Museum of Campbell River to showcase what the Tyee Club of British Columbia means to our members, to our community, and to the Canadian sports fishing experience.

I not only invite every member of the Club to find ways to support these weighty efforts, I strongly encourage everyone to help the Tyee Club stand fast in the 21st century and ensure that the Club endures as our angling methods become ever more antiquated. Please begin watching the Tyee Club website before next season to find your way to help.



Randy Killoran
President, Tyee Club of British Columbia