TYEE TALES – Eve Hearn

A Fish Story That Almost Was NOT A Fish Story At All!

This may be a fish story from me but it almost was NOT a fish story at all!

My husband, Tom and I stayed at Anne Young’s’ R.V. Park for 5 consecutive seasons so that I could fish in The Tyee Pool and hopefully fish my way into becoming a Life member of The Tyee Club of British Columbia. I am not an expert angler, but nonetheless I was not dissuaded and was very excited to become a part of the process!

I went to the Tyee Club House to get started and to learn the rules and regulations of fishing in the Tyee tournament. After the entrance fee was paid, I was introduced to Mr. Norm Lee who was to be my rowing guide and well, there you have it.. I was all set to start fishing for my very first Tyee!

The early morning “First Light- First Bite” fishing rituals began and I will add that nothing has ever motivated me to get up before daybreak except that magical spell that befalls you at Campbell River when the day breaks and the silhouetted rowboats come to Life on the burst of the red morning sky.

Norm Lee would bring his boat to the shore in front of our temporary lodging at Anne Young’s’ R.V. Park on The Spit in Campbell River and I would be ready for the morning activity. We fished many tides and I struck the rod at any little nudge felt at the rod tip so as not to miss that fish, MY fish! I tried to remain ever vigilant as I visualized “My fish” ..BIG, with a hooked mouth…hooked on the lure of my line! I knew I would get my fish.. it would come to me, I just didn’t know when! And, for some unexplained reason I never felt empty handed or “Out Fished” when the fishing day was unproductive.

I always felt a great joy and I was rewarded with the knowing of how fortunate I was to be a part of the majesty of it all. It took me many hours of fishing before Fate smiled on me, but there is no stock answer when fishing for the King of all salmon. Some people have been known to never catch a Tyee, EVER, while others can get lucky on the very first outing!

It was daybreak on Sept.13th.,1993 when I finally hooked up with MY fish…

With Gods’ Good Graces I reeled the catch close into the port side of the boat and Norm Lee was standing at the ready with a large net to bring the Tyee aboard.

As the net swiftly scooped under the fish and was lifted up and over the boat, the large fish rapidly fell thru the net into the hull of the boat!

One second more and the fish would have been returned to the sea! But, it was not to be. This was My Fish.. A Big 41pounder, with a hooked mouth, as visualized many times before!

But, oh sooo beautiful.. After the weighing in of MY fish, Norm Lee waved goodbye to me. I asked, “Where are you going?” He replied, “Home! I am going home to get a new net for the evening tide!” That is the one and only Tyee I have ever coveted. I set a goal for myself and happily I achieved that goal. I am a Life member of the Tyee Club of British Columbia. I also have a silver pin and, too The Island Angler put an article in their Sept. 1993 issue pertaining to Tyee fishing of B.C. and of my successful catch. No big deal you may say, well for me it is a very big deal! I have gathered cherished sought after memories for the rest my lifetime!