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Spring Maintenance Work for 2019 Season – Volunteers Required

June 15, 2019 @ 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Hello Tyee Club of BC Members, Anglers and Enthusiasts.  The 2019 season is approaching, and the major work cleanup work party has now been scheduled for June 15, 2019.  This work will be labour intensive and will require at least 20 volunteers, so please consider participating.

Some of the major tasks include:


  • Slide strips need replacing (4) with strips and screws provided. Drill and bit provided by volunteers.
  • Weed whacking around the perimeter of the parking lot and on the bank leading down to the water. Cut and or pull out broom.  All blackberry bushes etc. are to be piled in a pickup truck and hauled away.  Larger bushes may need clippers or a blade type weed whacker, which is not provided by the Tyee Club.
  • Low priority.  The roof on shed needs new shingles.  This will only happen if volunteers confirm that they will do the job.  This project will require 2 people and take approximately 1 1/2 hrs.  Shingles and nails would be provided pending notification by volunteers.


  • Green shed needs a coat of paint, especially the front. Paint, brushes, rollers trays will be provided.
  • Weed whacking around perimeter of clubhouse parking lot is minimal but should be completed.
  • Major hedge trimming needed on hedge next to clubhouse as you enter. Gas powered hedge trimmer will be available
  • The wild roses, etc. on the outside of fence closer to the water, have to be cut down, in order to see the board numbers from south corner.
  • New posts (4) have to be erected, as gates to the beach were blown off during winter storms. Posts, cement will be provided.  See Bob Goodwin for details.  This is a Priority job!
  • Beach to be cleaned off!! A couple of people with chainsaws needed for this job, and several to pack rounds up to the wood splitter.  Split wood must then be piled in wood shed until its full.   Excess split wood to be put in a pickup for donation.  Bigger rounds off the beach will be used to replace rotten fencing separating clubhouse property and the beach.  Some wood can be thrown back into ocean for tide to carry away.
  • No motoring sign to be put back up at the tip of the spit. Sign will be available and posts are already in place.
  • A few wheel barrow loads of blue/grey chip are needed to cover some “sparse” areas in the yard. A pile will be available to use outside of main gate.  Wheel barrow, rake and shovels will be provided.


The work party will begin at 8:30 and if adequate numbers show up should be completed around lunch time.

Interested people are asked to confirm their participation with Floyd Ross.


Also, please read the relevant committee report located at:

Current Clubhouse – Maintenance – Wharf Committee Report


Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup


June 15, 2019
8:30 am - 1:00 pm


Floyd Ross


Tyee Clubhouse