Wharf Parking Lot Gravelled

A. Wood Bulldozing

George Deagle Hard at Work with Leica Supervising

Tyee Club Parking Lot View


The Tyee Club wharf parking lot received a “facelift” today with 60 yards of contactable gravel.   Floyd Ross (managed the project) confirmed that the Tyee Club is repairing damages that occurred over the last couple of years and caused by vandals spinning their tires in the parking lot.  Unfortunately, the Tyee Club now keeps the gate locked most of the year.  Consequently, people that used to park in the lot and enjoyed looking out over the estuary are unable to do so.

Thanks to all volunteers:  Floyd Ross, Kim Berkenstock, John Todd, George Deagle, Phil Griffith, and Bob Goodwin who managed to spread and compact all the gravel.



An additional 10 yards of road crush was required for the parking lot.   After some heavy rains there were low spots that needed filling in.   The gravel was delivered this morning (July 02) and Floyd Ross, Bob Goodwin and Bruce Herkes completed the ‘gravel work’ on behalf of the Tyee Club.