TYEE TALES – Jeremy Morrow


It only took one tide for me to catch Tyee Fever!

Hi Reid,

Just wanted to send another quick note of thanks. You have given me a huge gift by inviting me to participate in the incredible tradition of rowing for Tyee.
I have been struck with what can only be described as ‘Tyee Fever’, suffering (actually enjoying:)) Tyee dreams and now am subject to frequent checks on the
current catch link to see what is going on. I recognize that this obsession has been documented with others whom you have ‘set the hook’ but no doubt I am now
one of the most recently infected. I am proud to have been in your boat, to have started fishing for Tyee with a famous Herkes guide-and am still super excited
about hooking into a fish on my first trip to the Tyee pool, even if it wasn’t quite large enough to register at only 24 pounds. It has become my new ‘fish of a lifetime’!

Thank you my friend.



Note: Jeremy went out the next morning with Reid and caught nothing. His comment, “Well I can honestly say that this is the only time I have been fishing in the Tyee Pool and have not caught a fish”. Jeremy did, however, finally get into the club with a qualifying Tyee on August 9, 2013 with a 32 pound Tyee.