Tyee Rowboat / Planter is Back

Because of the tireless work of a Tyee Club director – Its Back!!!

After being completely destroyed last winter by a vehicle accident, the Tyee Club rowboat/planter has been replaced.  The Tyee Club is grateful that Maria and Derek LeBoeuf of Campbell River generously donated a replacement rowboat/planter!

Many thanks to Floyd Ross, with help from Bob and Judy Goodwin for all the hard work to accomplish this significant restoration effort.


The following two pictures is what Floyd Ross witnessed when a vehicle lost control and crashed into the Tyee Club rowboat/planter and sign.  A youth lost control of the vehicle that he was driving and crashed into our sign posts and rowboat/planter, demolishing both.

Many thanks to Katherine Cork who donated the original rowboat/planter (along with a plaque honouring her deceased husband Stan).