Tyee Pool Safety

Attention to all club members.

Sunday August 9, there was at least two close calls with rowboats colliding with each other at the end of the evening.
A reminder to all that boats need to be rowed out of the pool towards mid channel or the beach before starting engines. Starting  engines in the fishing grounds is not permitted at all times and doing so during fading light increases the risk dramatically for those boats fishing.
Another reminder to all rowboats to be aware of wake caused by your boat and to be respectful of other nearby boats.
Ensure proper line of sight can be maintained at all times when using  your engine especially during poor light at the end of the evening.
Repeat offenders will be subject to a discussion with Club Directors and fishing privileges may be revoked.
We all want to have a safe and enjoyable experience when Tyee fishing.

Thank you for your co-operation with this serious matter.

Roger Gage
President Tyee Club of British Columbia