Tyee Club Wharf Moorage

The Tyee Club season is less than one month away.   Payment for a spot on the wharf is due by July 15th and must be mailed to the Tyee Club post office box before that date.  If you will not be using your spot this year, please contact Floyd Ross as soon as possible.  People are waiting for a vacancy and would like to know if a Tyee Club pull up or wharf spot is available to them, before they rent a space somewhere else.   Remember……you are permitted to “not use your spot” for one year and still retain it the following year (as long as it is not two consecutive years).   Even then, if it is due to the COVID-19 epidemic, you would be excused from forfeiting your allocated rowboat location.     Please contact Floyd Ross at wharf@tyeeclub.org, or phone 250-286-1697.