Tyee Club Executive Committee Report July 2021





Tyee Club Executive Committee Report, July 2021

In the Spring of 2018, the board of the Tyee Club initiated an ongoing 3-year plan to help measure of the Club’s activities, direction, and achievements. To date, the Board of Directors have managed well in achieving many of the goals. Some goals have been challenging to achieve and others have changed due to circumstances. Th achievements and ongoing initiatives are as follows:


Club Management

Overall, the initial goals set in 2018 have been met. The Executive Committee believes that the Club is currently operating under a reasonable timeline regarding business achievements and that operational process, both manual and electronic, is in place and working. There are regular meetings, planned agendas, and minutes added to the Club website. Zoom meetings have been held during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 AGM was held outside, and feedback was positive with the Tyee Club wharf providing a scenic back drop.

Two of the biggest accomplishments in the last year have been the implementation of online payment and a decision made on the aging Clubhouses. Payment for registration, wharf, clothing, and donations was initiated in 2020 to minimize social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board of Directors approved in May 2021 a major renovation to the existing Clubhouse which will see interior and exterior work done. This work will begin in fall 2021 after the conclusion of the fishing season. The initial plan to build a much larger newer building was cancelled due to changing building codes and financial considerations.


Improve Tyee Pool Safety

In 2018 two signs were posted on the spit to inform all traffic using the mouth of the Campbell River of Tyee Pool regulations. Communication with float plane operators, commercial boats and recreational boaters is continual with preseason notices being emailed to all groups before the Tyee Club season starts. Contact has been made with the Canadian Coast Guard to implement electronic marker buoys for the Tyee Pool Transport Canada regulation zone. The Weighmaster keeps track throughout the season the incursions he witnesses and maintains a database to monitor incursion types and numbers. Tyee Club anglers must lead by example and demonstrate safe and respectful habits when motoring to and from the fishing grounds. This also includes having proper lighting and staying clear of those who are trying to take a fish out of the pool to allow others to continue fishing.

The R.E.S.T. committee has contacted the appropriate groups and hopes to have spot checks once or twice during the 2021 season to ensure safety regulations are being followed.

The key to educating all users of the fishing grounds is to do so in a respectful way.


Protect Club History and Tradition

The Tyee Club is looking forward to celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2024. A committee has been formed that is planning events to celebrate the rich and colorful history of the Club.

Scaled down annual yearbooks will be printed annually for the next 3 years. There will be a bigger and colorful yearbook printed in 2024 to help celebrate the Club’s 100th anniversary. The entire catch record is in the beginning stages of being transcribed into an electronic format, which will make the public interface of the entire catch record possible as a substantial attraction to the Club website. Former Tyee guide Ken Poskitt donated three antique Gandhi spoons, two hand made by the Erickson brothers, and so continuing the process of the Club preserving and repatriating its history. Rules and Regulations have been updated. Embedded in the rules will be a tone to reaffirm our Club’s dedication to using truly antique methods of angling which ensure the Tyee has the opportunity of a sporting chance.

Another important item of business that is in motion is the legal protection of Club name and logo which is ever more important in the computer age of business, particularly if the Club chooses to begin any form of online commerce. This process should be completed in the fall of 2021.


Expand Public Awareness and Opportunities

The Tyee Club is continually looking for opportunities to share its history with all age groups.

The Club currently has a Facebook and Instagram site in addition to the website that has been established for many years.

In 2019, many Club boats were used to take youth from the John Howard Society, with their mentor, fishing for an evening tide after having a BBQ at the Clubhouse. The evening was successful, and the Club looks forward to having a similar event once the state of COVID is at safe levels.

The Club sends a summary of the season to Campbell River City Council every fall. Members of the Clubhouse Committee have been working city officials in the initial planning stages of the Clubhouse renovation project.


Enhance Habitat

The annual estuary clean up has been cancelled the last 2 years, but the Club looks forward to carrying on this event in March 2022. The Pacific Salmon Foundation and Campbell River Salmon Foundation have generously supported the estuary cleanup for several years. The Club net pen is active this year and is located downtown at the Government wharf.

Scale samples and head returns by Club members have proven important in determining where our Chinook salmon originate from and helped Campbell River fishermen (Tyee Club and motor boats) fish for Chinook in the Campbell River Special Management Zone. Data from the scale samplesand head returns showed that our fish are from the Campbell/Quinsam River stock and do not adversely impact the struggling Fraser River stocks or the Chinook that are critical for resident Orca populations in southern Georgia Strait.