Recipe Contest Winner

Congratulations to Tyler Kushnir who won his choice of hat or T-Shirt for submitting a salmon Recipe for our up and coming recipe section.

Here is his winning recipe!

I call this the “Painter’s Lodge Shore Lunch“. Back in the early 70’s when I guided at Painter’s we would occasionally do “Shore Lunches” with our guests. Chef would prepare a beach feast that always included a salmon. It was invariably the star of the show so I asked how it was prepared. I have been using it faithfully ever since!

– Salmon fillet
– lemon(s)
– onion
– garlic powder
– fresh black pepper
– butter
– aluminum foil
It’s pretty simple and while I have done it on fish “in the round” I much prefer it with a fillet.
Lay the fillet skin side down on a suitable sheet of foil, leaving enough to fold with a covering piece of foil.
There are no secret ingredients – but I suggest you don’t let your guests see this first one – lol. Cover the fillet in garlic powder – I mean cover it! Guests often freak out if they see this step (my wife still shudders when I do it even after all these years) but have no fear the garlic melds perfectly with the fish! I grind some fresh black pepper on as well.
Next, slice up a lemon or two – depending on how big the fillet is and lay the slices on the fillet. Follow that with slices of onion and generous tabs of butter.
Lay a second sheet of aluminum foil over the filler and crimp the top and bottom together.
Now it’s time for the BBQ. I usually start with the flesh side down then flip it to skin side to finish the cooking. As with all fish don’t over cook! Depending on the thickness of the fillet usually 20 minutes or so, I slice into the top and check for done-ness.
When ready, slice the top foil open and with a big spatula or two you can run it under the meat and lift it nicely from the skin. Plate it and stand back.
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