Last Night Of 2020 Season Letter

Attention all Tyee Club anglers and guests,

September 15 will see the end to another Tyee Club season.

In previous years, the Club has hosted a last night celebration at the Clubhouse with fireworks, door prizes and raffle draw prizes.

Due to COVID -19, this years last night activities will be minimal. There will be the draw for the cane rod generously built and donated by George Deagle. The single ringing of the bell will mark the end of the 2020 fishing season.

If still wanting to purchase raffle tickets, the Club encourages online purchase or visiting the Clubhouse before the last night  to minimize the number of people on the Club grounds.

To help maintain a COVID friendly environment at the Clubhouse on the last night, the gate will be closed once fishing is done. A few Directors from the Club be on the grounds to pick  the raffle prize winner and ring the bell.

The raffle prize winner will be posted on social media and also  be contacted by phone.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Gage

Tyee Club President