George Deagle Bamboo Tyee Rod Raffle / Tyee Club Merchandise

“The Malahat # 1 Rod”

This year’s bamboo trolling rod is a close copy of a rod used by R.C. Burdick to land a 60 lb. Tyee in 1953, earning him the honour of being “Tyee Man” that year. The original rod is owned by R.D. Berger, who kindly allowed current rod maker, George Deagle of Quadra Island, to carefully inspect and measure the original rod.

The original rod was designed and built for Mr. Burdick by a famous Vancouver bamboo rod maker, “Tats” Gatley, who called this rod design the “Malahat # 1” taper. It met the criteria for the extra-light tackle category, known as the “3/6” class.

The rod being raffled is one piece, 7 ft. long over-all and capable of handling any Tyee in the pool. It is nicely balanced by the Peetz single action reel, donated by Floyd Ross. The rod is under warranty for the life of its maker. The rod’s action is well suited to either spoon or plug fishing, with a sensitive tip balanced by a robust butt section. It is supplied with a protective rod bag and tube for safe transport.