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Spring Maintenance Work for 2020 Season – Volunteers Required

April 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am - July 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am

Hello Tyee Club of BC Members, Anglers and Enthusiasts.  The 2020 season is approaching, and major cleanup work is being planned.  In the current COVID-19 environment, we must absolutely maintain social distancing.  Obviously the traditional work party will be suspended this year, so please take it upon yourself to pick times/duties to participate.

Work parties will be limited to 2 volunteers.   It may take a bit longer but unless there are changes between now and June it will be much safer and easier to keep social distancing!   Please remember, if you have some spare time work can be accomplished at any time.  No need to wait for an official “work party request”!    Please check the website periodically for updates for any changes in regard to “to do” items and scheduling.


Some of the major tasks include:


  • Slide strips need replacing with strips and screws provided. Drill and bit provided by volunteers.
  • Weed whacking around the perimeter of the parking lot and on the bank leading down to the water. Cut and or pull out broom.  All blackberry bushes etc. are to be piled in a pickup truck and hauled away.  Larger bushes may need clippers or a blade type weed whacker, which is not provided by the Tyee Club.
  • The roof on shed needs new shingles.  This will only happen if volunteers confirm that they will do the job.  This project will require 2 people and take approximately 1 1/2 hrs.  Shingles and nails would be provided pending notification by volunteers.
  • Panelling on side of first shed is very rotten and should be replaced.   Replacement material will be on site during the month of June.
  • Parking lot will need to be re-gravelled.   In order to do this properly the large rocks will have to moved off to the side.   A substantial machine will be needed for this.  Gravel will be brought in and graded.  Most of this will be done by non members (contractors):
    On Wednesday  June 17th (at approx 8:30-9 a.m) we will need a couple of people with rakes to help spread the gravel that will be delivered by A. Wood bulldozing.  The machine will do most of the work of the spreading but they suggested 4 or 5 people with rakes may be necessary.   At this point I have 3 volunteers including myself.   After the spreading has taken place it will be compacted.   We will have a rental from C&L for this.   If you can make it down for a couple of hours that would be great.   Bob also has a chore on the beach that requires some strong backs!   There is a piece of wood that needs relocating and it is very heavy!   I would suggest it would take 6 people to safely carry it 100’ or so.   If not, then we will cut it up and dispose of it.
  • Algae is now approaching 5’ long in places on the wharf spots for rowboat spots in the water.   This will need high pressure washing to blast it off.    Some painting can be done on the shed but the most important part was done by Mike Newton and son, plus Robin and son re-roofed the shed.  Great work, and very necessary, thank you.



  • Weed whacking around perimeter of clubhouse parking lot is minimal but should be completed.
  • Major hedge trimming needed on hedge next to clubhouse as you enter. Gas powered hedge trimmer will be available
  • The wild roses, etc. on the outside of fence closer to the water, have to be cut down, in order to see the board numbers from south corner.
  • Beach to be cleaned off!! A couple of people with chainsaws needed for this job, and several to pack rounds up to the wood splitter.  Split wood must then be piled in wood shed until its full.   Excess split wood to be put in a pickup for donation.  Bigger rounds off the beach will be used to replace rotten fencing separating clubhouse property and the beach.  Some wood can be thrown back into ocean for tide to carry away.
  • No motoring sign to be put back up at the tip of the spit. Sign will be available and posts are already in place.
  • Tyee Club sign at entrance to clubhouse parking lot must be put up.
  • Memorial Board needs re-finishing.
  • Memorial board to be mounted when finished.
  • Carved fish in garden area is in need of re-finishing.   It is a beautiful piece of work and would be a shame to see this deteriorate.
  • The new rowboat/planter will have to be cleaned up, painted and put back in place and secured very soon so flowers/shrubs can be planted.   This is probably the #1 priority as far as timing right now.  Should be done this month (April).


Thank you for participating!


April 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am
July 1, 2020 @ 8:00 am


Floyd Ross