TYEE TALES – Lois Herkes

Sometimes not following the rules can cost you a trophy. It was 1971 and my son was a first year guide at Painter’s Lodge. When an Uncle came to visit, my son offered to take him out in a rowboat and show him about Tyee fishing, well low and behold they landed a 30lb. fish. That evening he asked if I would like to ... More

TYEE TALES – Debra Idiens

Excitement From The Shore. My "fish tale" doesn't really involve a fish but a tale of woes bringing cherished memories. Last season (2001) was the first year I fished very few tides because of an injury, but it was by far the most fun I have ever had with regard to the Tyee Club. I sat back, at first, frustrated ... More

TYEE TALES – Jeremy Morrow

It only took one tide for me to catch Tyee Fever! Hi Reid, Just wanted to send another quick note of thanks. You have given me a huge gift by inviting me to participate in the incredible tradition of rowing for Tyee. I have been struck with what can only be described as 'Tyee Fever', suffering (actually ... More


Don’s First Fish – A Slightly Tongue in Cheek Tale of Tyee Fishing As told by Brian Isfeld In early spring 1992 I was in Tyee Marine looking for some “worms”, whence I first met Ted Milbrandt, “The Professor, as he is fondly known to some. One thing led to another and he became the owner of my old 1956 Elto ... More

TYEE TALES – Mike Kauertz

Mike Kauertz Story 2014 After a few seasons, that I sadly missed, I finally got back to Campbell River and Tyee fishing on August 17th (2014). I had already been out for 2 tides and was sitting at the clubhouse August 21st around 9am, polishing a few spoons that I had never fished. I spotted 2 boats out fishing at the ... More

TYEE TALES – Gordy Killoran

Gordy Killoran was my friend. A Tribute by Brian Isfeld Gord had only two passions in life, foremost was his family, and then there was fishing. Intensely independent, and so very proud of his family, Gord took his fishing seriously. I remember the first time I went with him in his rowboat... Gord had said ... More

TYEE TALES – Mike Rankin

The Secret Ingredient Rat A Tat Tat ... One eye slowly cracked open. Rat A Tat Tat ... Who'd dare wake me up this early after a graveyard shift? I wrestled briefly with my sheets before the start of a vehicle engine signaled my release and return to some much needed sleep. The next afternoon saw a repeat of the ... More

TYEE TALES – Mike Rippengale

Audio interview with long time Tyee guide and weighmaster Interview with Mike Rippengale *This audio file is courtesy of The Museum at Campbell River from a program called "History on the Run" More

TYEE TALES – Judy Youngquist

For more than 20 years, from the time I was eight years old, I spent part of every summer in Campbell River, fishing for salmon. My father, Reuben Youngquist, was president of the Tyee Club for several years. We knew most of the people whose names are on the club trophies and many other wonderful people who became part ... More