TYEE TALES – Roanne Dunbar

The Bell It was the beginning of the 10th Anniversary of the Ladies Invitational Tournament - August 26, 1996. It was dark and quiet with an air of excitement surrounding an unusual group of women as they headed down the docks at April Point Lodge and into the boats to venture across Discovery Passage. This was ... More


A Salute To The One That Got Away By: Ken Enns On that drizzly, misty September day, R.D. Berger and I were surprised to find no other boats in the Tyee Pool. Time and tradition awaited us in that marvelous holding water just south of the mighty Campbell River’s mouth. And, we would have it all to ourselves. Sha... More


The Story of the 62 pound Tyee Caught on August 13th 1983 It was early morning and bright stars lit in the sky. Little did we know it would be a day to remember; a day that would make history. It was August 13th 1983. Barry, Tammy and I made our way in our rowboat towards the famous Tyee Pool, just south of where ... More

TYEE TALES – Mark Gage

This isn't really a fish story, rather a short memoir of time spent growing up in a fishing family. Our Dad instilled in all of his kids a keen interest in the ocean environment we still pursue in our thirties. Our Dad has always been serious about his fishing, and as a result we spent the better part of our ... More

TYLEE TALES – Lee Gerhard

A GUIDE NAMED PETER Peter Winter is a big ruddy man, sound, strong, with an easy-going manner born of years in the classroom with unruly kids and teachers, and a thick shock of white hair. He guides fishermen out of Campbell River, B. C., where silver (Coho), and king (chinook, spring) salmon usually abound. Occasion... More

TYEE TALES – Lee Gerhard

TYEE CLUB COMMITTEES Foghorns and Fish Foghorns woke me this morning. Lying sleepily abed after daylight broke, the drift of fog obscured the rising sun, I remembered that I was not in Kansas anymore. But I might be fishing in a fog very soon. Fishing in the Tyee Pool during a fog can be exciting. On the water, the ... More


A Note to the Tyee Club from Bob Hall Hi, My name is Bob Hall. I had the chance on August 18 and 19, 2007 to try fishing for a Tyee. On Friday my friend, Dave Wardell, went to the club house and signed me up. On Saturday evening Dave rowed me into a 36.5 pound Tyee. I have taken a few salmon, from Sooke to Port ... More

TYEE TALES – Eve Hearn

A Fish Story That Almost Was NOT A Fish Story At All! This may be a fish story from me but it almost was NOT a fish story at all! My husband, Tom and I stayed at Anne Young’s' R.V. Park for 5 consecutive seasons so that I could fish in The Tyee Pool and hopefully fish my way into becoming a Life member of The Tyee ... More

TYEE TALES – Harry Hemphill

The Fish That ALMOST Made It! Well, tonight looked like my night! We had been fishing for a little over an hour, passing the time with idle conversation, my eyes focused on my rod tip, the reddish sun was just dipping below the western horizon. Roy Grant, my friend and guide (mostly friend) had made a couple of passes ... More

TYEE TALES – Bud Adams and Bill Herkes

Bud and Bill are long-time Tyee fishing guides...from the 40s and 50s , Interview with Bill Herkes and Bud Adams 45 Minutes , Interview with Bill Herkes and Bud Adams 20 Minutes *This audio file is courtesy of The Museum at Campbell River from a program called "History on the Run" More