New Clubhouse – Fundraising Committee

The Tyee Club of British Columbia will be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2024. Over the years, the club has been involved in many projects. Some of these were the creation of the initial Tyee Club wharf and its subsequent replacement with a larger and safer one, numerous estuary cleanups and the net pen also. The current board of directors has been discussing for some time and have now agreed upon the design for a new clubhouse to be built at the same location as the present clubhouse.

The current clubhouse has served the club well for many years but its current condition has forced the club to either do major renovations or build a new clubhouse. The board has decided to build a new one that will be bigger and be built to modern standards.

The extra space will provide privacy for the weigh master and also allow storage and presentation of Tyee Club memorabilia such as trophies, pictures, tackle, etc.

The Tyee Club has existed since 1924 and has been supported by the community of Campbell River throughout its existence. The Club will be looking to the community for support in many ways to construct the new building.  This building will not only be used for the Tyee Club but will be available for use by many of those groups that the club shares its idealism and visions with.

The next two years has been set aside for fundraising with the construction of the clubhouse occurring in the following two years. This will leave the club with an extra year as a contingency period before the 100-year anniversary of the club in 2024. Many ideas are being discussed on how to raise money. Opportunities for private and corporate donors are currently being discussed and should be communicated to all once the fishing season begins.

The Tyee Club looks forward to working with the community to make the new clubhouse a success that can be shared with Campbell River citizens as well as the increasing number of visitors that travel through the area every year.