Executive Committee

In the Spring of 2018, the board of the Tyee Club initiated an ongoing 3-year plan to keep a measure of the Club’s activities, direction, and achievements. To date the Board of Directors have managed very well to achieve the goals set in the inaugural version of the plan, the achievements and ongoing initiatives are as follows:

Club Management

Overall the 2018 goals of Club Management have been met. The Executive Committee believes that we are currently operating under a reasonable timeline in regards to business achievements and that operational process, both manual and electronic, is in place and working. There are regular meetings, useful agendas, and minutes provided in a reasonable time frame after meetings. We are experiencing a succession of business items from one agenda to the next as we progress from meeting to meeting and issues are settled. The final quarter of 2018 saw the completion of the societies act transition, the establishment of refreshed committees and acclimatization of board members to a more rigorous meeting schedule, and increased speed of business actions. Some smaller items of business have been put to rest as we are preparing to enter a period when larger issues are being voted on and upcoming important business is being planned. The first quarter of 2019 will see the settlement of the tournament rules, a new Clubhouse design suitable for use as a fundraising tool, the first large scale email to our membership, and the establishment of the Tyee Club website as a true communications platform for fundraising and the organization of volunteer effort, as a few high points. Specifically, regarding the improvement of member outreach, in the final quarter of 2018 and into 2019 work started on the website being arranged for improved member communications, mass emailing to members, an organization of volunteer effort, and the components for online commerce were put in place but not made active.

Improve Tyee Pool Safety

In 2018 two signs were posted on the spit to inform all traffic using the mouth of the Campbell River of Tyee Pool regulations. Informal discussions were had with float plane operators. Contact was made with the Canadian Coast Guard to implement electronic marker buoys for the Tyee Pool Transport Canada regulation zone. The Weighmaster kept track on as many motor craft incursions as he could witness and so has started a database to monitor incursion types and numbers. If there was an immediate take away from those incursions it is that there were a notable number of rowboats motoring in the Tyee Pool.

In light of the Weighmaster’s observations of over 600 incursions into the Pool by all parties, it may be more accurate to say that Club successes in this area were modest. Further, we may require alternate solutions to be sought to better educate and encourage our members to respect the boundaries of the Tyee Pool in order to give the Club a more appropriate ground to help the public respect the Tyee Pool boundaries in turn. Direction from the Executive Committee to the REST Committee will be forthcoming in 2019 to find ways to do so.

New Clubhouse

The 2018 goals of the New Clubhouse project were met. A formal Clubhouse design has been produced, it was presented to the membership for comment, and general design changes were implemented as per the input of the Club membership. So far in 2019, this design has further undergone input from the Board of Directors and Executive Committee to finalize a building plan. Though not set in stone, this plan can be used as a fundraising tool for this project and so the arduous task of fundraising can begin immediately.

Protect Club History and Tradition

The goals of heritage preservation were met for 2018. A 2014 – 2019 yearbook and subsequent yearbooks up to 2025 are now being planned, with the most recent edition ready for July 15th, 2019. The entire catch record is in the beginning stages of being transcribed into an electronic format, which will make the public interface of the entire catch record possible as a substantial attraction to the Club website. Former Tyee guide Ken Poskitt donated three antique Gandhi spoons, two hands made by the Erickson brothers, and so continuing the process of the Club preserving and repatriating its history. Updating of the Rules and Regulations is in the process and will be resolved by the end of February 2019, making it possible to produce a FAQ sheet and provide handouts of the rules to anglers and members who require them. Embedded in the rules will be a tone to reaffirm our Club’s dedication to using truly antique methods of angling which ensure the Tyee has the opportunity of a sporting chance.

It should not be missed that in building a new Clubhouse the Club will be making a substantial gain in protecting Club history and tradition. Not only will the new Clubhouse position the Club as an important and contributing member of the community of Campbell River, but it will also serve as a location to bring home our trophies, display our history, provide a place for our board and committees to meet, and store our records. Another important item of business that is underway for 2019 is legal protection of Club name and Logo which ever more important in the computer age of business, particularly if the Club chooses to begin any form of online commerce.

Expand Public Awareness and Opportunities

Compared to the suggestions for actions in this section, the success of the Club in this area was modest. Both 2017 and 2018 saw a letter to City Council with an update of our activities, there was a directed effort to a social media presence, and the Tyee Club continued to be a front and center face in the annual estuary clean up. In 2018 the Tyee Club had an information booth at the local Ocean Pacific Boat Show, and will again in 2019. However, there were no new community events brought forward that were supported by a majority of the board, neither were there any promotional tools planned or produced, there was no social media policy formally established or statement preparedness activity, but there was thoughtful Facebook moderation. Finally, there were no new initiatives to include junior anglers.

However, in 2019 we have begun the updating of the Club website which will now be able to serve as a hub for Club communications, both internal and external, as we begin our fundraising and cultivation of volunteers to help construct the new Clubhouse. Hand in hand to this work is the updating of the membership information and contact list so that we may better reach out to our membership, to keep them informed of Club activities.

Enhance Habitat

This goal was met in 2018 by the continuation of the estuary clean up and net pen projects. These two projects are again in place for 2019, and we have a request from Quinsam Hatchery for expanded data collection in an effort to see if the “Big Fish” project succeeded.