Catch Records 2009

Tyee Fishing Club 2009 Catch Record

July 15 to September 15, 2009

The following are the 2009 Tyee Fishing Season Trophy Winners.

Other than the Les McDonald trophy for the first fish of the season, Trophies were presented at the 2010 AGM.

In the event of a tie in any category, the first person to qualify shall be declared the winner.
If there are any errors or discrepancies in the following record, please contact us.





Les McDonald Trophy winner, Bill Tomicki
Les McDonald Trophy

to the angler registering the first Tyee of the season

Bill Tomicki with Les McDonald Trophy

Bill Tomicki accepting his Les McDonald Trophy
Bill Tomicki 32 pound Tyee
Aug 3, 2009
Tyee Man Trophy winner, Shauna Towriss
Tyee Man Trophy

to the angler registering the largest Tyee of the season

Tyee Man, Shauna Towriss, with Tyee Club Trophies

Tyee Man, Shauna Towriss, who was also winner of the Lilian J. Sparrow, and the Gavin Chisholm trophies, is pictured here with a collection of Tyee Club Trophies.
Shauna Towriss 47.5 pounds
Sept 15, 2009
Lillian J. Sparrow Trophy winner, Shauna Towriss
Lillian J. Sparrow Trophy

for the largest Tyee of the season, registered by a female angler
Shauna Towriss47.5 pounds

Sept 15, 2009
Shauna Towriss and Randy Killoran with 2009 Tyeeman fish
Gavin Chisholm Trophy

for the angler registering the largest Tyee caught on a single-action reel.

Shauna Towriss with her Tyee Man and Gavin Chisholm Trophies

Shauna Towriss accepting her Tyee Man Trophy, and Gavin Chisholm Trophies. Presented by Sharon Fisher.
Shauna Towriss 47.5 pounds

Sept 15, 2009
Mainwaring Trophy winner, Randy Killoran
Mainwaring Trophy

for the guide who rows an angler to the largest Tyee of the season
Randy Killoran 47.5 pounds
Sept 15, 2009
Benjamin Trophy winner, Chris Plamondon
Benjamin Trophy

for the guide who rows anglers to the most Tyee of the season

Chris Plamondon accepts Benjamin Trophy

Chris Plamondon accepting his Julien E. Benjamin Trophy. Presented by Floyd Ross
Chris Plamondon 4 Tyee
Richard Murphy Trophy winner, Jeremy Maynard (left)
Richard Murphy Trophy

to the guide who rows the most new members into the Tyee club

Mike McMann accepting Richard Murphy Trophy on behalf of Jeremy Maynard

Mike McMann accepting the Richard Murphy Trophy on behalf of Jeremy Maynard. Presented by Quentin Dodd
Jeremy Maynard 4 new members
Isfeld Trophy winner, Shara Berger with 38# Tyee

Isfeld Trophy

to the angler who registers the largest weight of two Tyee caught on different days

Isfeld Trophy - R.D. Berger accepting on behalf of Shara Berger

R.D. Berger accepting the Isfeld Trophy on behalf of his wife, Shara. Presented by Roanne Dunbar.
Shara Berger 38 pounds
34.5 pounds
Ballentine Trophy winner, Karen D'Alessandro with her daily double fish
Ballentine Trophy

to the angler who registers the largest weight of two Tyee caught on the same day.

Karen, accepting the Ballentine Trophy

Karen accepting her Ballentine Trophy. Presented by Deb Idiens.
Karen D'Alessandro Aug 19, 2009
31.5 & 32.5
Raven Trophy Winner, Sophie Cameron

Raven Trophy

to the junior angler (16 years and under) who registers the largest fish

Raven Trophy - Gloria Cameron Accepting on behalf of Sophie Cameron

Gloria Cameron accepting the Raven Trophy on behalf of Sophie Cameron. Presented by Peter Wipper.
Sophie Cameron 36.5 pounds
Sept 14, 2009

Tyee Fishing Club Place Finishers 2009

57Shauna Towriss and Randy Killoran with 2009 Tyeeman fishSept 15
8:20 PM
Shauna Towriss
47.5Randy KilloranPlug
56Ken Hamer, new Tyee Club memberSept 15
8:00 PM
Ken Hamer
New Member
36.5Andrew Rippingale Plug
55New Tyee Club Member, Tom BarrowSept 15
6:00 AM
Tom Barrow
New Member
36.5Chris Cook Plug
5454th Tyee of 2009 seasonSept 14
8:00 PM
Phil Griffith 30Peter Wipper Plug
53New Tyee Club Member, Sophie CameronSept 14
8:05 PM
Sophie Cameron
New Member
36.5Scott Babcock Plug
52New Tyee Club member, Tony HarveySept 14
7:00 PM
Tony Harvey
New Member
32Bruce Aikmen Plug
51Frank Green, New Tyee Club MemberSept12
8:00 PM
Frank Green
New Member
31Phil MacNeillPlug
5050th Tyee of 2009 season - Harry and Mark ThulinSept 11
8:15 PM
Harry Thulin 34.5Mark Thulin Plug
49John Payne, new Tyee Club memberSept 11
2:15 PM
John Payne
New Member
35Jeremy Maynard Plug
48Sept 10
8:30 PM
Judy Herder
New Member
34.5Ron Herder
Rookie Rower
47Kurt Franz with 33# TyeeSept 9
8:15 PM
Kurt Franz33Randy Killoran Spoon
46Todd Peachey with Rookie Rower Ken Ken WhiddingtonSept 9
8:05 PM
Todd Peachey30Ken Whiddington
Rookie Rower
45New Member, Richard BakerSept 8
6:30 AM
Richard Baker
New Member
32Jeremy Maynard Plug
44Woodwards with 32.5# TyeeSept 6
8:15 PM
Lisa Woodward 32.5John Woodward Spoon
43Roy Dunbar - New Tyee Club member with 34# TyeeSept 6
8:10 PM
Roy Dunbar
New Member
34Brant Peniuk Plug
42Sally Kerr with her 33# Tyee - New MemberSept 4
8:15 PM
Sally Kerr
New Member - Happy Birthday Sally!
33Ken Fletcher Plug
41New Tyee Club member, Phil GriffithSept 4
6:15 AM
Phil Griffith
New Member
30.5Travis Trace Plug
40New Tyee Club member, Paul BrownSept 4
7:05 AM
Paul Brown
New Member
33Bruce Aikman Plug
39Mike Netzel with 36# TyeeSept 4
5:55 AM
Mike Netzel 36Jim Clowes Plug
38Gary Tietzmann with 39.5# TyeeSept 3
8:25 PM
Gary Tietzmann
New Member
39.5Ken Enns Spoon
37Julian Lee New Tyee Club MemberSept 3
8:45 PM
Julian Lee
New Member
30.5Jeremy Maynard Plug
36Shara Berger with 38# TyeeSept 3
5:45 AM
Shara Berger 38R.D. Berger Spoon
35Myriam Belisle new member of Tyee ClubSept 3
5:50 AM
Myriam Belisle
New Member
30Jim Clowes Plug
34Jeff Morrison with 31# Tyee rowed by selfSept 2
4:45 PM
Jeff Morrison 31Jeff Morrison Plug
33Ken Enns with 36# TyeeSept 2
6:30 AM
Ken Enns 36Ken Mar Plug
32Bill Ostler with 30.5 TyeeSept 2
6:30 AM
Bill Ostler 30.5Paul Breukers Plug
31Peter and Leanne Kruse with TyeeSept 1
8:15 PM
Leeann Kruse 31.5Peter Kruse Plug
30Lindsay Laverdure and Paul Breukers with TyeeSept 1
7:40 PM
Lindsay Laverdure 32Paul Breukers Plug
29 Shirley Murray and Mark Murphy with TyeeSept 1
8:40 PM
Shirley Murray
New Member
33Mark Murphy Spoon
28Plamondons with 28th TyeeSept 1
7:00 PM
Karin Plamondon 33.5Chris Plamondon Plug
27New member, Dave Ludvigson with TyeeSept 1
6:00 AM
Dave Ludvigson
New Member
31.5Darrell Knowles Plug
2626th Tyee of 2009Aug 31
8:25 PM
Ken Murakami
New Member
31.5Bruce WaltonPlug
2525th Tyee of 2009Aug 30
8:15 AM
Charlene Murphy 31Mark Murphy Spoon
2424th Tyee 2009Aug 29
8:50 PM
Chris Fawbert
New Member
34.5Paul BreukersPlug
2323rd Tyee for 2009Aug 29
5:40 AM
Tom Kirkham
New Member
34Roy Grant Plug
22Bergers with 22nd Tyee 2009Aug 28
8:30 PM
Shara Berger 34.5RD Berger Spoon
21Plamondons with 21st Tyee 2009Aug 28
6:00 AM
Dan Plamondon 42Chris Plamondon Plug
20Tyee number 20 for 2009Aug 27
8:45 PM
Dale Kashuba
New Member
32Randy Killoran Plug
19Tyee number 19 for 2009Aug 26
6:20 AM
Shara Berger 30RD Berger Spoon
1843 pound Tyee 2009 seasonAug 25
6:00 AM
Frank Grasmann
New Member
43Mike Kauertz Plug
1717th Tyee of 2009Aug 23
8:55 PM
Troy Winslow 32Floyd Ross Plug
1616th Tyee of 2009Aug 23
5:30 AM
Maureen Dionne
New Member
32Ric DionnePlug
1515th Tyee of 2009Aug 22
8:50 PM
Mike McMann
New Member
32.5Jeremy Maynard Plug
1414th Tyee 2009Aug 21
6:00 AM
Chris Cook 32Dave Hadden
1313th Tyee for 2009Aug 20
6:00 AM
Tim Samuels 35Roy Grant
12Karen D'Alessandro with her daily double fishAug 19
9:00 PM
Karen D'Alessandro
31.5Mike Mackie Plug
11New Tyee Club Member, Carol SeableAug 19
Carol Seable
New Member
33.5Randy Killoran Plug
1010th Tyee of 2009Aug 19
5:55 AM
Bill Idiens 31.5Ken Mar Plug
99th Tyee of the seasonAug 19
5:45 AM
Paula Davies
New Member
32.5Ross Spiers Plug
8Karen and Al with TyeeAug 19
5:35 AM
Karen D'Alessandro32.5Al D'AlessandroPlug
7Chris and Ken with a daily double fishAug 18
8:45 PM
Ken Mar
31Chris Plamondon Plug
6Deb and Reid with the 6th Tyee of the seasonAug 18
2:05 PM
Debra Herkes 34Reid Herkes Spoon
55th Tyee of the 2009 seasonAug 18
10:15 AM
Corinne Wolfe 33.5Stuart Wolfe Plug
44th Tyee of the 2009 seasonAug 18
5:45 AM
Ken Mar 30Chris Plamondon Plug
3Tyee number 3 for 2009 - John WoodwardAug 17
5:45 AM
John Woodward 32John Woodward Plug
22nd Tyee 2009Aug 8
5:30 AM
Shara Berger 34RD Berger Spoon
1First Tyee of 2009 season
Aug 3
8:00 PM
Bill Tomicki
32Ross Spiers Spoon