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TYEE TALES – Gordy Killoran

Gordy Killoran was my friend. A Tribute by Brian Isfeld Gord had only two passions in life, foremost was his family, and then there was fishing. Intensely independent, and so very proud of his family, Gord took his fishing seriously. I remember the first time I went with him in his rowboat... Gord had said prior to this that "fishing is a ... More

TYEE TALES – Mike Rankin

The Secret Ingredient Rat A Tat Tat ... One eye slowly cracked open. Rat A Tat Tat ... Who'd dare wake me up this early after a graveyard shift? I wrestled briefly with my sheets before the start of a vehicle engine signaled my release and return to some much needed sleep. The next afternoon saw a repeat of the previous, the same impatient knock at ... More

TYEE TALES – Mike Rippengale

Audio interview with long time Tyee guide and weighmaster Interview with Mike Rippengale *This audio file is courtesy of The Museum at Campbell River from a program called "History on the Run" More

TYEE TALES – Judy Youngquist

For more than 20 years, from the time I was eight years old, I spent part of every summer in Campbell River, fishing for salmon. My father, Reuben Youngquist, was president of the Tyee Club for several years. We knew most of the people whose names are on the club trophies and many other wonderful people who became part of an extended family that got ... More