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Environmental DFO Update

In the absence of a formal Tyee Club committee, several directors have been completing outstanding work by addressing environmental and fisheries-related concerns. Roger Gage has been attending Sports Fishing Advisory Committee meetings as a Tyee Club representative. Jeremy Maynard and Robin Modesto are actively responding to the evolving management stra... More

Refurbished Original Wooden Painter Rowboat for Sale

This boat was purchased from Painters Lodge in the early 1970’s and kept on Sydney Island B.C. for much of its recent history. It was there that it was damaged in a severe wind storm and had to be repaired by boat builders in Victoria. The hull of the boat is original; however, it sports new gunwales, elbows, benches, floorboards and stringers. It is in ... More

Wharf Parking Lot Gate

Due to continuous vandalism of the parking lot (Tyee Club of BC property), we felt that we had little choice but to “gate off” the parking lot at night.   We will endeavor to keep it open during the day as often as possible so responsible citizens can continue to enjoy the view over the estuary.    However, if the random dumping of garbage ... More